Staying Home: How StruXure is Supporting Staff and Community in Limiting the Spread of COVID-19

During these unprecedented times of uncertainty, we are quickly learning that working together, even from a distance, is the best defense against the spread of COVID-19. StruXure is following CDC and State guidelines as they are announced and supporting all “flatten the curve” practices to keep our staff and our communities as safe and healthy as possible.

As promoters of bringing the indoors out and spending more quality time at home, StruXure would like to remind everyone that staying home offers numerous benefits, beyond the virus concerns. Here are a few:

– Staying home is eco-friendly and saves money, since less travel-related fuel is required.

– You can support local businesses from the comfort of your home, by using pick-up or delivery services.

– No pet-sitting is required.

– Spending time in your home’s outdoor space extends your square footage and brings you closer to nature’s healing properties.

We encourage everyone to explore new ways to enjoy your home, during voluntary or mandated shelter-in-place periods. The possibilities may surprise you!