Cool Adjustable Patio Covers

White pergola attached to gray house with white trip and dark patio furniture with red cushions

An Arcadia adjustable patio covers can make your outdoor living space comfortable no matter what you’re up to outside. Unlike a regular pergola that can never make an area fully shaded, the louvers of our adjustable system can be positioned to turn your terrace or patio into the perfect shady oasis. Umbrellas and the occasional shadow simply can’t provide the amount of shade necessary for all-day relaxation outdoors. The Arcadia roof will create a large area of shade when you need it and a sunny expanse of light when you don’t.

A key component of our adjustable roofs and pergolas is their louvers. A louvered roof is a roof made up of thin, plank-like adjustable pieces called louvers and rafters that hold everything together. Both of these components can be constructed from a variety of materials. One of the best parts of our pergola building system is that you choose what material you want. You can select from a variety of natural woods like cedar, redwood or exotic hardwood. Perhaps you prefer a low-maintenance synthetic substance like PVC. Our synthetic louvered roofs come in an assortment of colors so you can have whatever suits you. The versatility of the Arcadia patio cover system lets you decide.

Assembling the louvers is a breeze. The procedure consists of measuring the inside of your pergola box to determine louver length, cutting to length, affixing each board with side brackets and laying them into the frame. Then, what really makes our Arcadia louvers unique is their ability to pivot once they’re installed. The pivoting action changes the angle of the louvers and allows you to adjust to the amount of sunlight or shade you want in your outdoor living area. And because they can pivot almost a full 180 degrees, you’ll be able to find shade no matter what time of day it is.

An adjustable pergola will have a positive impact in your life whether you’re home alone or entertaining. Finally, you can go enjoy the outside air in comfort. Open the roof to let in natural sunlight to read or write by. Angle the louvers to institute a mix of light and dark. With a drink in hand, nothing can beat the combination of warm sun and soothing shade provided by the adjust-a-pergola. Some of our customers like to let in the light in the morning when the air is cool then pull down the louvers in the noonday sun. How would you use an adjustable patio cover to design the perfect outdoor lighting plan?