Bring Additional Ambiance Outside This Winter

Brighter view of octagonal wooden outdoor dining table with four chairs and place settings looking past sheer white curtains to backyard

From your warm, welcoming front porch, to your relaxing back patio oasis, outdoor areas are natural extensions of your home and living environments. When you have an Arcadia louvered roofing system, you are able to enjoy these areas year round, safely protected from rain and snow. Bring additional ambiance to these areas during the winter months with a few of these decorating tips.

Maximize Mood Lighting

Cooler weather brings shorter days and longer nights. To enjoy your outdoor space it is necessary to have lighting options for after sunset. Small chandeliers, hanging lanterns, and pendant lights allow you to drop lighting into your space. Small, white string lights can be wound around columns or strung between posts. Battery-powered candles create a warm atmosphere without the risk of an open flame.

Bring in the Green

Cool weather may mean the end of gardening season but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some winter color onto your porch or patio. Green plants and bright flowers bring much needed lush touches to a winter space. Decorate with seasonal appropriate vegetation, such as colorful potted perennials and evergreens. Magnolia and eucalyptus are also especially hardy. Place double duty, cold-tolerant herbs such as thyme, parsley, oregano, and sage between your kitchen and outdoor seating area for visual pleasure as well as for handy access while cooking. Avoid using terra-cotta containers since they are prone to cracking in the winter; instead opt for foam containers that resemble terra cotta or stone. Swags of greenery, mini conifer trees, berries, and garland also lend a festive and fragrant touch.

Incorporate Eye-Catching Centerpieces

Add a few accents to the plants and lanterns on the tables in each seating area. Gather several small items to display inside a wreath. Use tall hurricane lamps to display a selection of ball shaped ornaments or floating candles. Group together some small garden sculptures that you don’t want to store in the garage this winter. Allow some room on each table for resting beverages and other small personal items.

Create Comfort
All the ambiance in the world won’t matter if your porch or patio is too cold. Add a heater, fireplace, or fire pit to create a cozy retreat. Cushions, pillows, and blankets encourage guests to cuddle up and a large rug is a pivotal piece in making an outdoor area feel like a room.

Don’t Forget the Holiday Decorations

Set a holiday scene with Christmas lanterns, ribbons, trees, and wreaths. Create a cohesive flow by continuing your indoor holiday decorating into your outdoor areas.

If you aren’t able to enjoy your porch or patio in the colder months due to a lack of overhead covering, give us a call and talk to an Arcadia expert today. An Arcadia louvered roofing system will protect your peaceful seating areas and create a welcoming outdoor retreat for you and your guests all year long.