Things to Consider Before Installation

Wooden pergola with white curtains covering patio of traditional white house

Before you call to set up an adjustable patio cover installation appointment, there are some important questions to ask yourself so we can provide the best product and the best service to fit your needs. Plus, knowing the answers to these queries ahead of time can speed up the process considerably, so you can get to backyard bliss sooner.  

1. What kind of patio cover do you want?

When it comes to deck and patio covers, there are a number of different structures to choose from for shade and inclement weather protection. What makes the Arcadia louvered roof option so great is its adjustability. With it, you don’t have to choose between shelter and sunlight. It can provide rain coverage and sun-blocking functionality when closed and warm breezes and bright light when open.

2. What does your homeowners’ association allow?

When it comes to your home’s outdoor living areas, the HOA can create some sticky situations. It’s best to find out what kinds of coverings your neighborhood allows before starting a major patio project. Some factors they may have a say in include colors, dimensions and construction materials.

3. Do you want the new structure built on an existing slab or deck?

Maybe the patio of your dreams doesn’t even exist yet! An Arcadia adjustable louvered roof makes a great addition to any patio, old or new. Installing the roof to an existing concrete slab or wood deck is a simple procedure. Just choose where you want it to go, what kind of columns you’d like to support the roof and which extra features you’d like to include in your roof.

4. Are you replacing an existing cover?

Does your deck, patio or porch already have a roof structure to it that you want to replace? Not a problem! There might be a bit of demolition involved in the installation of your new cover so you might want to look up proper disposal techniques for outdoor renovations.

5. Are any wires or gas lines buried near the job site?

Underground cables and gas lines can cause complications during patio transformations. They generally pose no threat to projects with minimal digging involved, but you should always check to make sure your project won’t disturb wires or pipes before you get to work. With a little forethought, these obstacles can be taken care of before any problems arise.

6. How do you plan on utilizing your patio cover?

With a new louvered roof, the outdoor living possibilities are endless! Think of all the great ways you’re going to put it to use before you get it installed so you can add features as necessary. If you’re making an outdoor kitchen, for example, you may want to build a counter before getting your roof and you may even want some fans to keep the cooking space cool. However you plan on utilizing the roof, we know it will give you shade when you want it and access to fresh air and sunshine when you don’t!

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