The Struxure ABC’s

Cropped detail of opened pergola louvers with green trees and blue sky peeking through

At Struxure Outdoor, we know our ABCs… adjustable, beautiful and customizable, that is!

A is for Adjustable

Our louver system serves to improve your home’s outdoor environment by letting you better control its temperature and lighting. The adjustable louver system allows you to change the amount of light your space receives with ease. The roof can limit harsh sunlight and repel it no matter where the sun is in the sky. In open positions, the angle of the vent-like louvers can naturally cool the air as the hot air escapes and cool air circulate into your porch or patio area. Because they can adjust 180 degrees, you get sun-blocking protection when you want it and plenty of sun when you want that. Plus, all of our models’ louvers adjust in seconds. With an adjustable louvered roof, you’re no longer at the mercy of the forecast. You can create cool shade at any hour and let the sun in when it’s already chilly outside. Our motorized adjustable louvered roof operates at the touch of a button, and even has a rain detector that can close your roof automatically during unexpected downpours.

B is for Beautiful

While adjustability is important, our roofs aren’t just about function. They look great, too. They let you enjoy the quaint look of a garden pergola and the shelter of a permanent awning at the same time. Plus, with a little customization, they can add architectural interest to your outdoor living area in the form of colors, columns and more!

C is for Customizable

Struxure adjustable patio covers are made of rust-free aluminum. This lightweight yet durable material comes in a range of colors including white, brown, black and eggshell. Bright white roofs look great with most any building, whether they’re bringing out your home’s trim or contrasting against a home that’s been painted dark. You also have the option of encasing the aluminum louvers themselves with wood for a more natural look. The roof may be the real star of the patio cover but it would be nothing without the elegant columns holding it up. These columns can be made out of most any material you can imagine: aluminum, wood, stone, fiberglass or something else! They may take on a simple, square shape, a classically round style or a multi-faceted, polygonal shape. Whether you want to evoke the look of an elegant Mediterranean piazza in your backyard or you just want to accentuate your Southern-style porch, personally selected colors and custom columns can help you achieve your vision. Customization adds your unique flair to your adjustable patio cover.

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