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Considering redoing your patio this summer? Why not add a louvered roof? Maybe you’ve never heard of a louvered roof before now. Sure, plantation shutters have louvers but can roofs have louvers? It just so happened that they can and that Arcadia makes them!

A louvered roof is a roof made up of louvers – a series of horizontal slats angled to admit light and air but keep out rain and heat. Louvers originated as crude wood constructions fitted into holes in the roofs of large kitchens to allow ventilation but keep out inclement weather. Modern louvers can be made of aluminum, metal, wood, or glass. Even if you never knew what it was called, you probably see some type of louver every day since they are commonly found in window blinds and shutters.

The angle of a louver may be adjustable or fixed. Many louvered roofs feature fixed angle louvers. Our product is unique because, not only do its louvers adjust, but its slats rotate a full 180 degrees with the push of a button. Our battery-powered motorized system lets you easily and precisely adjust the angle of your louvered roof with a remote. You can even have the system program to close automatically at certain times of day or in certain weather events. Of course, you may also choose to adjust the angle manually.

Our louvers bring superior ventilation and rain protection to your patio. When the louvers come together in the closed position, they form functional rain channels. Our rain channels are larger so they can hold more water before spilling over. During sudden afternoon downpours, our competitors’ smaller rain channels haven’t been effectively repelling precipitation. Rain fills up their small channels, coming up over the lip and flooding the patio below. Many of these same competitors use thin, shoddy aluminum or steel that begins to rust after just a few months of use. At Arcadia, we use extruded, thick gauge aluminum that stands up to bad weather and stays rust-free for years.

In addition to protecting your patio from rain, an outdoor louvered roof system serves to improve your yard space by letting you control its temperature and lighting. The adjustable louver system can limit harsh brightness and redirect sunlight no matter where the sun is positioned in the sky. The vented angle of the louvers can naturally cool the air on your porch or patio. With custom finishes in wood, stone and metal, the system can improve the look of your deck or patio too, transforming it into a shady patio paradise.

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