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There are louvered pergolas and then there’s the smart pergola by StruXure. It’s important to know the difference when trying to determine how much a louvered pergola costs and which model is right for you.

A louvered pergola, or louvered-roof pergola, is a modern take on the traditional pergola that had stationary roof slats versus pivotable louvers. Adding movement to the pergola’s louvers truly changed the shade game.

Innovation Transforms Pergolas

One of the first to create pivoting louvered pergolas was StruXure, who started selling customized pergolas in 2011. It was their mission to build a better pergolas than the existing standard options. When company founder Scott Selzer couldn’t find what he was looking for in the U.S market, he designed and built his own pergola solution. Through hard work and continued innovation, Selzer’s original design became the springboard to StruXure’s status as a leader in the outdoor living industry.

The early iterations of StruXure’s pergola system used the most durable materials—powder coated extruded aluminum—and a design that would allow complete customization. Building upon a foundation of using superior materials and design has meant that additional innovations keep elevating an already best-in-market product. Such continued innovation has led to the development of the smart pergola, a next-level pergola that uses technology to advance the functionality and superiority of shade structures.

You Get What You Pay For

A smart pergola is an elevated louvered pergola. It’s important to make this distinction, because not all pergolas are created equal and innovation impacts cost. Let’s start with

what one would find in a pergola search on a home improvement retail website—think Home Depot, Lowes, or Wayfair. These retailers sell pergolas made of plastic, wood, metal and fabric, with prices ranging from $300 to $12,000. Do the louvers pivot? Are any of these pergolas customizable? Do they attach to your home? The answer to all of these questions is, “No!” Remember, price is a reflection of quality.

Next, let’s look at high-end pergolas made of quality materials. Wood can vary in quality, but even the finest wood pergolas will likely not have pivoting louvers, which means the structure won’t be usable year round. There are also added costs for wood upkeep, making the purchase price only part of the story. On the other hand, aluminum pergolas have proven to be sturdy, they can easily accommodate pivoting louvers and a motor to run them, they are low maintenance, and some, like StruXure’s smart pergola, can predict the weather and make relevant adjustments on its own.

Pricing a Louvered Pergola

There are many factors that influence the cost of a louvered pergola, from size to quality to add-ons. Here is a quick break-down:

Size Matters – Some pergola companies make a one-size-fits all model, so they can provide a cost for their louvered pergola whenever asked. But a company like StruXure that customizes every system to cover any size patio or outdoor area, is delivering true value to consumers. Their product can be secured onto a house, even if the home has unusual angles. Which is why until size is affirmed and measured, it is impossible to come up with purchase price.

Check the Quality – Have you ever shopped a clearance sale, and purchased what looked to be a great item at a tremendous discount, only to have it break or fall apart shortly after you got it home? You will face a similar outcome if the quality of the pergola you are buying isn’t top-notch. It’s an outdoor product. It must be able to stand up to all types of weather. Do not let a low price trick your brain into thinking you’re getting a good deal. In the pergola business, quality matters greatly.

Low Maintenance – Is your ideal pergola one that needs constant upkeep (like sealing wood, and trying to make sun damaged vinyl or fabric look new again) or one that is easy to maintain and looks perfect with minimal effort? It’s surprising how many hidden, future costs come with a hard-to-maintain pergola, and these costs must be factored in.

Customization is Key – Customizing your pergola, making it your own, might equate to additional up-front costs, but that’s what will make the pergola a frequently used part of your home. We can’t say it enough, if your outdoor space isn’t comfortable you won’t use it. Look for a louvered pergola that can accommodate lights, fans, heaters, or even screens if those are features that will make your pergola more usable.

Keeping all of these variables in mind will inform your decision of which pergola is best for you.

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