Fine Wood Finishes for Pergolas

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One of our adjustable roofing system’s finest features is how customizable it is. The variety of finishes and styles available for you to choose from lets you incorporate your deck or patio cover into the current architectural style of your home… or make a whole new outdoor statement! One choice you’ll get to make when building your patio cover is what material you want to use and what color you want to make it.

All Arcadia adjustable patio covers are constructed from rust-free 100% aluminum. This lightweight yet durable material comes in a range of attractive colors including white, brown, black and eggshell. Bright white roofs look great with most any building, whether they’re bringing out a home’s charming white trim or adding contrast to a dark wooden edifice. You also have the option of encasing the louvers themselves with wood for a more natural look. Wood can have different grains and different natural shades. Plus, it can also be stained to achieve whatever color you desire.

We recommend using cedar, redwood, exotic hardwood, dimensional composite, PVC, or whatever is your preferred material. You may even choose an environmentally friendly reclaimed material or a highly renewable lumber species. The only recommendation we give: avoid treated pine.

Pressure treated pine or “PTP” is one of the most popular choices for decking and other outdoor structures but in truth, it can quickly become a maintenance nightmare.  The main problem with PTP is its susceptibility to changes in temperatures, humidity and climate. This species will expand and contract based on weather conditions and the sun is the #1 enemy. The hotter its gets, the more it will expand. Ever notice decks with cracking floor boards, rails or stairs? This is a result of the sun hitting PTP. Ever notice how decking boards appear to “cup” or curve. Cupping occurs as the edges of boards are stretching towards the sun in hot weather as a result of expansion and contraction. With an adjustable roof, you can see how this cupping issue could really affect the roof’s performance.

Another warning against PTP, the material needs to dry for at least 3 to 6 months prior to sealing or staining. When first installed, most boards will be damp due to the chemicals within the product. You may notice the top of the boards are dry within a week or two, but that does not mean the entire board is dry. Not to mention, as it dries the boards tend to shrink, leaving gaps. As long as you avoid PTP and pick a hard wood that it strong and durable, your patio cover will stay looking spectacular for years to come.

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