Mild Autumns are Perfect for Hosting an Outdoor Thanksgiving

Contrasting white pergola next to deep blue pool looking out to ocean

Is your dining room a bit small or maybe it’s getting a little tight due to your growing family? If you live in a warm region, consider hosting your Thanksgiving feast outdoors this year. Moving your meal outdoors will give you more room to spread out while enjoying the mild autumn weather.


Plan Ahead:

A week or two before Thanksgiving, plan how you want your tables and seating set up. Consider all the options that might work for your space, such as a single long table, several small tables, buffet tables, or any other configuration that works for your outdoor space and your guest list. Plan what will top each table (dishes, centerpieces, place cards, etc.) and set these items to the side somewhere in your home so you can set up your tables quickly on Thanksgiving morning. You’ll also want to give great thought to your menu and decide which items you will be providing and which items you would like to delegate to any of your guests. 


1-2 Days Before:

Be sure you have all of your ingredients on hand for each of your dishes. You can also cook several items ahead of time, like desserts and some side dishes, to cut down on your time in the kitchen and to free up space on the stovetop and in the oven.


The Big Day:

You should be able to quickly set up your table the morning of your meal due to your preplanning. If you are having a traditional dinner with a turkey, your bird will need time to rest after it comes out of the oven. This is the perfect opportunity to cook or reheat those side dishes and vegetables. 


The Perfect Accessory for Your Outdoor Gatherings

An Arcadia louvered roofing system will protect your outdoor dining area and create a welcoming outdoor retreat for you and your guests this Thanksgiving and all year long. Whether you choose to add one of our state of the art systems to your front or back patio or out in your yard, an area covered by an Arcadia louvered roof will provide you with the perfect space to dine, entertain, relax, and unwind while being protected from the elements. At Arcadia, we offer a fantastic range of pivoting pergolas to block out unwelcome weather, thus extending the time you can spend enjoying your backyard. We can also customize a system to include lighting, heating/cooling units, privacy screens and a variety of other special offerings to help you create the outdoor room of your dreams. 


Any big dinner is a lot of work, but gathering for a special meal with family and friends makes all the time spent preparing and cooking worth it. This year, sit back and enjoy your outdoor Thanksgiving gathering…and worry about the dishes later.