We Have Unveiled the Future of “Sun, Shade, and Shelter” with Our Tesla-Inspired “Struxure Slide”

Ground level view facing black car sitting under pergola slid open like a sunroof to reveal angled building in background

At the beginning of October, our CEO and Chief Product Architect, Scott Selzer, and our staff unveiled our latest revolutionary adjustable louvered roof system, the “Struxure Slide” to a crowd of attendees. Inspired by Tesla sunroof technology, Selzer had his innovative vision for our company’s latest creation when he gazed up through a Tesla Model S sunroof and immediately set to work to create a prototype. After collaborating with his team and perfecting the “Struxure Slide” system, we are now able to offer another level to our mission of bringing the indoors out…now with the potential of full sky-views!

To honor our hard work and dedication, Selzer surprised our team with a Tesla Model S at the event and announced the newest company perk, “Tesla Days”. Throughout the year, employees who are recognized for outstanding service will be given a “Tesla Day” where we are allowed to take the Tesla home to share with our friends and families.

Tesla representatives were on hand to discuss their vehicles and technology as well as provide test rides to event attendees. PIRCH and Pinnacle Sales Group served up delicious barbecue “Sliders” from the award-winning Hestan Grill. Various media outlets, area business owners, clients, and dealers were in attendance at the exciting event, as well as Senator Steve Gooch and several other local and state politicians.

Established in 2011, Struxure is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States, with current manufacturing facilities in Georgia and California and planned locations scheduled throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to being a smart louvered roof manufacturer, our company also specializes in technology and design with a focus on architectural innovation. For more information, visit www.arcadiaroofs.com.