Top 10 Items to Create the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

Twinkling string lights under closed pergola with seating beneath and small pool

Homeowners who frequently entertain friends and family want to create an outdoor space that is an extension of their home’s interior. Adding an outdoor, full-service kitchen increases your dining and entertaining space as well as the possibilities of what can be prepared and cooked. Here are the top 10 items you should add to your outdoor kitchen:

#10 Beer Dispenser

A beer dispenser (“kegerator”) is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen if you frequently serve beer at your social gatherings. Serving beer on tap is cheaper than purchasing cans and bottles, plus you’ll have less cans and bottles to clean up at the end of your event.

#9 Smoker

Smokers bring delicious flavors to meats, but you can also smoke lots of other foods, such as vegetables, fruits, olives, cheeses, and nuts.

#8 Pizza Ovens

Take family pizza night to another level with a wood-fired pizza oven. You can also roast meats, bake bread, and grill seafood in a pizza oven.

#7 Warming Drawers

Warm plates or hot dog and burger buns, keep food warm while you are preparing the rest of your meal, or keep food warm for late arriving guests. You can also slow cook food and roast vegetables in a warming drawer.

#6 Ice Maker

Is there anything worse than running out of ice when you’re entertaining? An under counter, free-standing, or portable ice maker in your outdoor kitchen will make entertaining more convenient.

#5 Sink / Garbage Disposal

Running water is a necessity in your outdoor kitchen to wash your hands, dishes, or vegetables. When you have a garbage disposal at your convenience, you can simply flip the switch after you peel those vegetables.

#4 Dishwasher

You could use your outdoor sink to wash your guests’ dishes and utensils, but you can spend more time relaxing if you have a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen that will do the work for you.

#3 Refrigerator

An outdoor fridge will store beverages and condiments and keep salads cold. Plus, it will cut down on trips in and out of your main kitchen. You may want to consider a wine refrigerator and/or a canned beverage refrigerator as well.

#2 Grill

Outdoor kitchen grills are a far cry from the grills of our youth. You can now select from such features as rotisseries, multiple burners (including infrared), and griddles.Many homeowners are opting for a double grill. Sometimes this is so they can have a charcoal grill on one side and a gas grill on the other side. Sometimes this type of grill is chosen to accommodate vegetarian and vegan family members and guests with one side being used for grilling meats and one side for grilling bread, vegetables, and other non-meat items.

#1: An Arcadia Roof

After creating this amazing outdoor kitchen, don’t let weather affect your outdoor plans! Add an Arcadia and you will be able to enjoy your outdoor dream kitchen year-round! Call us today and let’s discuss how we can integrate a customizable roofing system into your outdoor kitchen.