Team Up with Struxure and Make This the Best Football Season Ever

Red brick wall with outdoor furniture in front and open white pergola louvers above

Football season is in full swing, so where have you been watching the games? Maybe you want to invite everyone to your house but you just don’t have enough space to entertain. Maybe you’re a business owner who really wants to draw fans to your establishment but you don’t want to disrupt your regular patrons. Adding an Struxure roof to your home or business will make your spot THE spot to be this football season.

Customized to Your Exact Specifications

Your one-of-a-kind, luxury louvered roof can be personalized to your exact preferences. Whether you want to cover a single zone (up to 12 feet wide by 20 feet long,) or design a larger system consisting of multiple zones connected together, Struxure can customize a roofing system for your space. Then add ceiling fans, retracting solar shades, and heating and cooling features to keep everyone comfortable all the way through the playoffs.

Adjustable Louvers

No matter what time kickoff is, you can adjust your louvers manually, electrically, or by solar power, to control exactly how much sunshine or shade you prefer throughout the game…straight from your smartphone!

Residential:  Extend Your Entertaining Space

This year, with the help of Struxure, you can have the best football watching space around. By extending your home’s entertaining space you will have room to invite all of your family, friends, and pets.

Hospitality:  Attract More Patrons

Look beyond your establishment’s four walls to your business’ surrounding outdoor areas and wasted space on the second floor or rooftop. Adding a patio or rooftop deck for your patrons to watch the games will add a new appeal to your establishment as well as provide you with a new revenue source. By covering your outdoor dining area with an Struxure roofing system you can ensure that regardless of the weather, your patio will attract patrons year-round. Your new outdoor patio will also increase your establishment’s visibility and exposure, because there’s no better advertisement to passersby than a happily active patio. Let us create a customized Struxure system that will complement your indoor and outdoor spaces while still aligning with your business’ brand.

Contact your local Struxure dealer today to get started customizing the perfect louvered roof for your home or business so you can maximize the use of your outdoor space this football season and for all the seasons to come!