Protect Your Garden and Container Plants with an Struxure Outdoor

Looking up to beige pergola with closed louvers and two dark colored fans with blue sky beyond

You can’t control the weather but you can control your plants’ exposure to a wide variety of weather conditions. An Struxure roof allows you to manage how much sun and rain your garden and container plants receive. It can also protect them from extreme weather like hailstorms.

Protect Your Plants From Too Much Sun

Different plants require different amounts of sunlight. They may need full sunlight, partial sunlight, or full shade (although the latter is rare). Regardless of their individual requirements, a full day of direct sunlight is likely too much for them to handle. The hot sun may cause the soil to dry out more quickly than usual, necessitating more frequent waterings. They may also become burnt and withered. Rather than covering your plants in the afternoon or moving your container plants to a cooler, shadier location every day, simply adjust your Struxure roof to allow the perfect amount of sunlight in as each day progresses.

Protect Your Plants from Too Much Rain

Regular rain is a gardener’s dream but a severe rainstorm can wreak havoc on your hard work. Heavy rains can cause soil compaction, erosion, wash away newly planted seeds, and damage seedlings. They can also reduce the amount of oxygen in the soil, damaging roots and increasing the chances of disease. If you hear that a storm is expected, you can simply close the louvers on your Struxure roof to protect your garden and container plantings from damaging rains.

Protect Your Plants from Hail

Severe summer thunderstorms and rainstorms are sometimes accompanied by hail. While weather forecasters are able to predict it, it is difficult to know if your area will be directly affected. Don’t stress about relocating your container plants indoors or try to cover your garden if you hear there is hail in the forecast. Close the louvers on your Struxure roof at the first mention of hail and protect your plants.

Control the Elements with an Struxure Roof

Rain, hail, and sun can damage plants, making them more susceptible to diseases. Quit worrying about which preventative measures you will take to protect your plants from these elements. With an Struxure roof you can control the amount of sun and rain your container garden receives as well as protect it from any extreme weather conditions, ensuring the best possible outcome for your plants.