Patio Covers and Fire Pits

Wood pergola with tan pivoting louvers on stone bases with pool and lounge chairs on deck

Believe it or not, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can be the perfect complements to our adjustable patio covers. Normally, if you want to enjoy a cozy and convenient backyard bonfire, you can either purchase a removeable fire pit cover to save your coals each time around or start your fire from scratch repeatedly. With a louvered roof over your outdoor living space, you can protect your fire-building zone from the elements by closing the roof when the space is not in use and opening the roof to create slats where smoke can escape when it is.

In the past, whenever people have built covered fire pit areas, they’ve had to employ complex roofing system with various holes for ventilation. This may come in the form of a two-level roof or roof with a miniature chimney. These roofing solutions lack the versatility of the Arcadia system. With our louvered patio covers, not only is there built-in ventilation, there’s also access to sunshine skies and views of the stars when you want them. Really, what’s a bonfire without some stargazing?

Aside from the obvious functionality of a patio cover/fire pit combination, there’s an aesthetic appeal in putting a roof over a fire pit. The smooth wood-like texture of our patio covers can provide a nice visual contrast to a stone, brick or stucco fireplace. Add custom stone columns to your new pergola and you’ve got a wow-worthy space ready for ghost stories, marshmallow roasting and s’more stacking. Alternatively, the clean lines of the louvers can echo the look of a simple metal fire basin, resulting in a more minimalist appearance overall. Throw some patio chairs into the mix for a fun, stylish backyard setting.

Perhaps the best part about a fire pit covered with an Arcadia louvered roof is that you can use it all year long. Because the roof opens and closes, it’ll provide cool shade on those summer days that are just too hot for a fire and sun when it’s time to welcome in some warmth. Whether it’s winter, summer, spring or fall, you’ll have usable outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining a crowd or just staying in with your loved ones. Don’t let your patio sit unused on days that are too hot or too cold! Buy or build a gorgeous outdoor fireplace for heat on chilly nights and let us take care of the shade.