Outdoor Lighting Control: Sun vs. Shade

Angled view of white traditional pergola over red-cushioned patio furniture amid green landscaping

On a hot day, temperatures outside in the sun can feel much hotter than the meteorologist reported, and on chillier days, the sun’s rays can provide some relief from the cold. With an adjust-a-pergola, you can have the best of both when you want to relax in an outdoor environment.

The temperature difference between shady and sunny areas can be hard to determine definitely since it depends on a number factors. It is impossible to predict an exact number of degrees by which the temperature will differ in the sun and the shade since it generally varies from one day to another. One thing to keep in mind is that the angle of the sun affects how much the sun will warm the objects it hits, so the temperature difference between sun and shade will be much greater in the summer than in the winter. That’s why summer is one of the best times to set up your Arcadia roofing system.

If you’re still looking to know how much cooler you’ll feel with your new patio cover, there’s really no better indicator than what you feel on your skin. We think stepping under an adjustable Acadia cover on a hot day can be akin to walking into an air-conditioned room! With an adjustable patio cover, you can bring the luxury of the great indoors to your patio by closing the louvers or enjoy the summer sunlight when the air’s not too hot. You’re in charge.