New Year, New Yard

Backyard with yellow flower in foreground looking up to wooden deck covered by white pergola with green trees beyond

How much time did you spend in your backyard last year just for fun? And no, mowing the lawn does not count. If you didn’t clock as many hours out of doors last year as you would’ve liked, your yard may be to blame. After all, an empty plot of grass isn’t much fun for just hanging out. Spend more time having fun outdoors in 2015 with a lovely louvered roof from Arcadia!

A louvered roof or an adjustable patio cover finished in a style that corresponds with your home’s exterior can totally transform your yard. On top of that, a louvered patio cover can create a lot more usable space around your home and, since it’s adjustable, you’re able to use it even in somewhat extreme weather. Because the louvers of our outdoor roofs can open and close, our products can turn whichever zone they cover into a cool shady spot in the summer, a safe, dry space during light rain showers and a sunny setting when you want a little extra warmth. Think about all the times you’ve avoided using an outdoor space on a scorching sunny day or damp drizzling evening. Placing some form of weather protection in your yard space is sure to increase your number of outdoor experiences.

There are many ways to customize an adjustable, pergola-style patio cover to fit your needs. One simple change that can have a huge impact on how your patio cover fits into your yard is color. A white louvered roof brings a bright, cheerful look to any garden, pool deck or patio whereas a tan, brown or black roof add sophistication and style. With both detached and partially detached patio covers, you’ll also have the option of choosing custom columns. When we install custom columns, they may feature stone surrounds, raw wood finishes or Mediterranean details. All of our column customization options at Arcadia bring beauty and drama to the roofs they support. Last but least, you may choose to add some functional “extras” such as lighting or fans.

If you’re hoping to create a comfortable outdoor dining space or a shady outdoor lounge in your yard this year, our adjustable louvered roofs make it possible. Plus, they’re easy to use! All our models’ louvers adjust in seconds with the use of a remote. Our motorized roofs operate at the touch of a button and they even come with a rain detector that can completely close your roof automatically during unexpected downpours. Best of all, any internal motors are powered by super sustainable solar panels. Be good to your backyard this year and get an Arcadia roof!