Made In The…

Linear close-up view of open white pergola louvers

Ahh, yes… Feel that? The warmer temps and the gentle breeze can only mean one thing – the official arrival of the spring season. The vibrant spring colors, the warmer air and the kiss of the warm sun on our face can only be experienced once we venture beyond the bounds of our indoor areas to head outdoors to bask in all the springtime glory.

But before you do, keep in mind that this is the perfect time to spruce up before you spring out. In other words, make time to makeover an often overlooked area of your home – the outdoor area. Not only can it help you to increase your available living space (especially helpful if you’re short on square footage inside), but helps to create an oasis of luxury that’s always within close reach.

Work With What You Have

Often times, this should start with a patio just off the house. If it’s an existing patio, does it simply need cleaning or does it require tearing it up and laying a new one with fresh concrete?

Maybe it won’t be made of concrete after all, but rather a wooden deck or gravel layer that can be used as a visual and literal foundation.

Made For The Shade

This is hugely important because the shade will allow for year-round enjoyment, especially on those unconscionable dog days of summer. By far, the best and smartest option for patio shade is the fully customizable Arcadia Louvered Roof. Not only is it an aesthetic upgrade that increases home value, but it also provides countless hours of outdoor enjoyment and relaxation. In addition, Arcadia can help keep you cool and stylish with their full line of outdoor comfort features such as ceiling fans, misting systems and accent lighting.

Have a Seat

Consider adding or upgrading your patio furniture for maximum comfort and leisure outdoors. The addition of outdoor furniture is an easy way to transform any backyard space – whether it’s a deck, patio or balcony – into a natural and capable extension of your indoor living space


Add décor to the area. Whether it’s a few plants for texture and color, or accessories that combine form with function, don’t skimp on the details that will add worth and visual interest to your new space. Think rugs, tables and lighting for starters.

And when it comes to adding worth to your outdoor space, keep in mind that an Arcadia Louvered Roof can either be attached to an existing structure or erected as its own separate unit. The ultimate accessory, an Arcadia Louvered Roof offers you complete control over the space you’re trying to cultivate.

Call Today!

Not sure what to do or how to go about doing it? Arcadia offers a trusted and skilled team of designers that will work with you to create your dream space. So call today and begin enjoying the very best your outdoor space has to offer you and your family.