Introducing the Model A6!

Lounge chairs on wood deck with outdoor seating arranged under wood clad pergola

Looks like the best louvered roof on the market just got better. The new Model A6 louver is in stock just in time for spring! We are so excited to unveil the newly redesigned louver and all the other innovations that come along with it. During the Model A6 design process, we looked at the system inch by inch searching for areas of improvement. The new system is easier to install and includes some serious upgrades from our previous Model A8.

The Louver

Our new six-inch louver has a sleek contoured design. Plus, being six inches has several advantages of its own. These louvers are able to sit lower on the beam which makes them more resistant to blowing, sideways rain. The new length simplifies the math too.  For example, a 10-foot system will have 19 louvers with 2 louvers per foot, once you take side beams into account. This way is much easier than trying to figure out how many 8″ louvers will fit a given frame!

The Pivot System

With a smaller louver comes a new pivot system, now available in full lengths up to 20 feet. The largest single zone possible is now a 12’ x 20’. No more splicing and butting shorter Pivot Bars together. The Pivot Bar is mounted to the frame, but the screws are now hidden. Once the louvers are set in place, a Cap or Lock Bar comes down and finishes the system with a nice, clean look. We are now producing Track Bars in the same full lengths as the Pivot Bars for extra convenience. A final improvement to the Track Bar is its new shape. We designed it in a “T” shape to increase its strength over longer spans.

The Motor Track Arm

This innovation allows the motor to move in and out in a smooth motion. It also helps the motor pull the system all the way closed for a tighter fit. It is simpler in design than the Model A8, which makes it easier to install!


With these 2″x2″x8″ corner pieces you won’t need to notch beams together anymore. Simply straight cut the beams at the appropriate length and connect the corner piece and you’ve got a good-looking corner! Like the beam connectors, new gutter connectors allow you to straight cut your gutters and fit them together with ease. No more unsightly, exposed screw heads.

These improvements not only simplify and speed up installation. They hide bits of hardware, creating a much cleaner look. Of course, we didn’t change everything when designing the Model A6. It still offers superior weather protection, unbeatable adjustability, classic aesthetics and fun opportunities to customize your outdoor space, just like our older products. As promised, we are constantly striving to have the best product combined with excellent customer service and pricing… and this is surely our best product yet!