How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Can something added on the outside of your home really make your home feel bigger overall… and even on the inside? It can when that thing is an Arcadia Roof because our louvered roofs and patio covers are stylish, durable and functional in all kinds of weather! If you’re trying to figure out how to make your feel bigger or how make your home more spacious, it’s time to start thinking outside your indoor living space. A well-designed outdoor living area adds usable space to your home that can be used when you’re entertaining, when the weather is too nice to ignore or when you just need a little escape. Install an Arcadia Roof this fall and enjoy it for years to come!

Easy Outdoor Climate Control

One reason people don’t always make the most of their property, indoors and out, is unfavorable weather conditions. Fortunately, the heat, humidity and harsh sunlight of mid and late summer are no match for our adjustable roofing system. In fact, with 180 degrees of adjustability, our shade-creating patio covers can make any day more comfortable. Ultimately, this means that they increase the amount of space you’re using around the house year-round, rain or shine. By closing the louvers completely, you can make shade when it’s sunny and hot or shut out the rain completely when clouds appear. Thanks to our watertight seal and the cool feel of perfect shade, there’s no time your patio will have to sit unused.

A Place for Anything

The best part about increasing your home’s square footage with a louvered roof is the flexibility you’ll have with the new space. You may choose to deck out that deck or patio with cushy outdoor furniture, keep it simple with wood benches and picnic tables or make a full-on mini-oasis with hammock-style seating. Whatever room you’ve always dreamed of adding to your home’s interior you can add to the exterior with an Arcadia roof! Whether that’s an artsy studio, a quaint breakfast nook or a sociable sitting area is all up to you. Because the louvers open up, you can even install a fire pit or some outdoor kitchen equipment for the grilling gourmet in your family. Unlike umbrellas and garden pergolas that can only provide incomplete coverage, our roofs can turn your patio into the bonus room of your dreams. You can even accessorize it with screens, lights and fans for additional climate and ambience control.

If expanding your home with one easy-to-use device sounds like a dream come true to you, contact Arcadia today to learn more about the patio cover installation process!