Eco-Friendly, Adjustable Design

In backyard looking toward white pergola, framed by sheer white curtains, with grass and wooden lounge chair in foreground

Struxure adjustable louvered roofs let you control the sun and shade according to the weather as well as your own preferences; however, that isn’t the full extent of the system’s innovative design. When you want to adjust the louvers, you can easily crank them closed by hand or effortlessly flip them closed with a remote control. Would you believe that such a system is not only operational but also cost effective and environmentally friendly?

Struxure patio covers are made in the U.S.A. from strong, recycled aluminum. This product will never rust, requires very little maintenance and has a 10 year warranty. In addition to being made from recyclables though, they are powered by discreet self-sustaining solar panels. These panels will help harvest the power to run the motor that opens and closes the louvers via remote control. If you want to get specific, a rechargeable 12 volt solar battery is used to power this motor. Since the panels are self-sustaining, the entire unit operates separate from your home’s electricity and won’t add to your electricity bills. You may even save money on power bills with the temperature control you gain.

Seriously, what other product could increase the amount of usable space your home has without increasing the monthly bills AND feature an environmentally intelligent design? When it comes to power saving home improvement, Struxure has it all!