Celebrate Easter Under an Struxure Outdoor

Sitting under pergola with curtains open looking out to nature

Don’t fret about the weather this Easter. Celebrate under an Struxure roof, patio cover, or pergola. After attending sunrise service, a parade, or an egg hunt, friends and family can gather and enjoy the day outside. Wide-spanning Struxure outdoor will cover all of your guests and eliminate the stress of cramped indoor quarters or a rainy day backup plan. You can adjust your Struxure roof louvers from 0 degrees to almost 180 degrees, allowing you to control the sun, wind, and rain. Our system is even engineered for high winds and heavy snow fall. There are so many ways you can enjoy your Struxure roof this Easter, so why not enjoy the warmer weather and host an egg dyeing party, invite guests over for coffee, cakes, sweets, and baked goods while the little ones try out the new toys that the Easter Bunny brought, or host an elaborate Easter dinner? However you choose to celebrate, your Struxure roof will comfortably protect everyone from the elements.

We love helping our clients build a space where their friends, families, and neighbors can gather to celebrate holidays and special events. Providing the aesthetic appeal of a natural extension of your home, Struxure’s louvered roof system comes in many styles and colors allowing us the ability to compliment any home or landscape. You can even customize your system to include ceiling fans, accent lighting, retracting solar shades, and so much more. Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A., Struxure outdoor are also eco-friendly. From the choice of lightweight materials and lean production methods to the efficiency of our drive system and designs, Struxure is committed to operating as a more sustainable business and reducing its overall environmental impact. Recycled aluminum and stainless steel components give our customers a low maintenance product that they can enjoy for many years to come and each Struxure roof system operates independently of a home’s electricity. A solar panel on each unit will recharge a 12 volt battery and allow you the ability to open and close your roof with a remote control or smartphone app.

An Struxure roof will provide you and your guests a protected, welcoming area this Easter and for many holidays and celebrations to come. Contact us today and start planning your future gatherings in your new, comfortable, outdoor space under an Struxure adjustable louvered roof.