April is National Lawn and Garden Month

Patio furniture in front of red brick wall with open pergola louvers above

Warmer weather brings us outdoors to embrace the return of our lawns, gardens, and all things green. To get your lawn in optimum shape, you have to do more than a quick run over it with the lawnmower each weekend. You need to not only perform a few tasks, but perform them correctly.

Mowing Height

A critical factor for a perfect spring lawn is making sure your mower is set at the correct height for your lawn, usually between 2″ – 3″. The correct mowing height ensures enough sun reaches the entire length of the cut grass blades. After you mow, leave those nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium-rich clippings to decompose and add vital nutrients back into the soil.

Mower Blade

A fancy, new mower doesn’t result in a better looking yard, but a sharp mower blade does. A few days after you mow, look at the top of your grass blades. If they have jagged, brown lines across the top, your blade is dull and needs sharpening, because those jagged edges make it more difficult for your grass to fight off pests and disease.


There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Over watering can damage your lawn. Watering fewer days, for longer periods of time (about 45 minutes) allows the water to get all the way down into the roots. The best time of day to water your lawn is in the morning because watering at night can cause problems due to soaking and watering in the afternoons can lead to scorching.


Consistent maintenance is the key to lovely, lush lawn. Rake to remove thatch before it smothers your lawn. Over seed to fill in the lawn and prevent the growth of moss and weeds. Use a garden fork to aerate the surface of your lawn, allowing water to penetrate deeper, reducing your waterings in the hot months ahead. Repair bare spots and spot treat for weeds as needed.

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