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We offer unparalleled design, exceptional
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About us

Established in 1989

Patio Partners began as Phoenix Patio Systems in 1989. It was founded by Todd Williams who began as a master carpenter and became one of the Phoenix Valley’s leading patio builders and “Partner” to pool and landscape contractors. In 2021, ownership transferred to Brandon Dodd.

Our Employees

We are passionate about quality work and long-term relationships, so their ownership of Phoenix Patio Systems is focused on involving employees as “Partners”. We are proud to work with the best design and installation experts in the industry. As they do, they have committed to distributing at least 50% of profits to employees (without requiring buy-in), and further involving employees in key decisions about product offerings and service processes and standards. While not legally owners in the company (yet!), each employee is empowered to act like an owner. Besides being good for employees, we know this to be good for our customers as well.

Our Customers

In a different, but equally important sense, we relate to customers as “Partners” as well. It is our desire to serve each unique customer with a unique design solution, and project management as if we were building for family. Additionally, we understand that home improvements amount to significant investments by our customers. As such, we want to be of service in considering how such improvements might enhance equity, as outdoor living space is both relational and financial. We offer financing to help our customers realize their dreams for outdoor living, and we encourage consideration of outdoor value compared with indoor value.

Products and Services

Very strategically, our business with pool and landscape contractors is significantly reduced from prior years. The relationships we’ve retained are built on integrity and quality of product and service. As such, we see ourselves as “Partners” with these contractors in delighting their customers with turn-key outdoor living area improvements.

Giddy-yup Partner!

Last but not least, we want to have fun building shade into the Valley of the Sun, so we’ve adopted “Gil” as our Chief Patio Partner. Gil is short for Gilbert, the city where our company started. So in Gil’s words,