Adjustable Outdoor Living

Ground level view looking up to wooden deck covered by white pergola with green trees beyond against a vibrant blue sky

Our Arcadia adjustable patio covers will make your outdoor living space comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Unlike a regular pergola that can never make an area fully shaded, the louvers of the adjustable pergola can be positioned to turn your terrace or patio into a sheltered, shady oasis. The dynamic, adaptable system is perfect for keeping guests happy when entertaining. How many of the outdoor summer cookouts you’ve attended have turned into indoor summer cookouts due to scorching heat and inadequate shade? Umbrellas and the occasional shadow simply can’t provide the amount of shade necessary for a party. The Arcadia roof will create a large area of shade when you need and a sunny expanse of light when you don’t.

An adjustable pergola will make a positive impact in your life when you’re alone at home, too. Finally, you can go enjoy the outside air in comfort. Open the roof to let in natural sunlight to read or write by. Angle the louvers to institute a mix of light and dark. With a cold beverage in hand, nothing can beat the combination of warm sun and soothing shade provided by the adjust-a-pergola. We like to let in the light in the morning when the air is cool then pull down the louvers in the noonday sun. How would you use an adjustable patio cover to design the perfect outdoor lighting plan?