14 Things to Do Outside in the Fall

White pergola corner detail with green trees beyond

Some people struggle to spend time outside after summer’s end but with an Arcadia louvered roof it’s easy to use your outdoor space year-round. Here are 14 fun fall activities to do on your patio, on your porch or in your yard.

1. Collect leaves. There’s no better way to take in fall color than by collecting fallen leaves. If you gather up enough you can turn them into wreaths, garlands or mantel decorations that bring the outdoors in.

2. Make a bird feeder. Fall is a good time to hang a bird feeder. This may involve a fancy bird house or a homemade pinecone feeder. Either way, the birds will be visiting in no time.

3. Plant bulbs for next spring. Planting bulbs now makes for an easy-care patch of color when spring comes. It’s also the perfect time to plant perennials and cool season vegetables by your patio.

4. Bob for apples. Apple bobbing is a fall activity that’s more fun outdoors – unless you like your kitchen soggy.

5. Sip a warm mug of something. It doesn’t matter what you’re drinking – tea, cocoa, cider or a pumpkin spice creation – as long as it gets you warm and toasty.

6. Read a novel. It’s still just warm enough to sit outside with a good book on a sunny afternoon. If you get too warm in the sun, you can always adjust your roof.

7.  Breathe the crisp autumn air. The summer humidity has passed and the air is cool and refreshing. Go outside and take a deep, cleansing breath.

8.  Have a patio potluck. Invite friends over and have everyone bring a different dish or course. Light some candles and dine outdoors to celebrate the new season.

9. Paint pumpkins. Halloween may be over but gourd season is still in full swing. Decorate a pumpkin with paint, glue and glitter to use as a Thanksgiving centerpiece or fall porch décor.

10. Eat pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a delicious fall snack that can be made sweet, salty or savory. Add them to a batch of homemade trail mix and you’re got a tasty outdoor snack.   

11. Build a fire. Summer nights are just a bit too warm to really enjoy the glow of a fire. With an adjustable patio cover, you can even keep your fire pit on your patio where the comfy chairs are.

12. Make s’mores. Once you’ve built a roaring fire, it’s marshmallow roasting time!

13. Knit. If you already know how to knit, a little outdoor knitting session can be totally relaxing. Plus, you can make cozy winter accessories for the months ahead.

14. Stargaze. It’s just easier to see the stars in the fall.

16. Create your own fall bucket list. There are plenty of other things you and your family probably want to do together this fall. Putting them all down in a list will get you that much closer to doi